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IP-200 IP CAMERA New IP Camera ---Can allow browsing of video images via the Internet.  Need a video server with ID programmed to the camera and the login combination.    No need for an IP address, domain name, DNS or port number.     Only require the login data of the IP camera.  View video on a PC, Laptop, Tablet or Smart phone POR
812 R2 WIRELESS CAMERA A 2 Day/Night wireless camera system with remote control and a receiver.     Ideal for a small office or a simple duty such as a baby monitor R800
I-Solo PIR CAMERA The I-Solo is a colour camera with a built-in modem to connect via any telephone or PBX line.     Dial-in from a remote location to get live video, control or record.     Can also be set to dial out to a pre-set destination in reponse to the motion sensor. R750
60-85 ROTATING CAMERA Outdoor camera as above, but with infra-red remote control of the control unit at the monitor to give 350 degree arc.   Night vision and 2 way speech facility.  Modulator jack, scart or A/V. Power supply and 20m cable.   (excludes monitor) R395
60-88 Ditto The same unit but with a colour picture R495
60-80 ROTATING DUMMY CAMERA  The same but with an adjustable continuous sweep,  complete with 20 metre cable. R293
70-11 ROTATING DUMMY CAMERA A unit better suited for indoors or protected location.   With motion detection activation light.  Motorised pan, battery operated. R94
50-50 PINHOLE CAMERA Colour camera, Available for 9 and 12 v complete with MIC and A/V connections.  380 TV lines R495
50-55 PINHOLE CAMERA The same but B/W R395
60-60 CCD CAMERA MODULE Complete with MIC and LED R295
HT-209B SUPER MINI CAMERA Black and white camera in a metal housing complete with audio and 9v battery connector. R75
HT-210C SUPER MINI CAMERA Ditto but for colour R100
HT-2288C WIRELESS CAMERA Mini colour camera c/w audio.  380 lines, 3 lux,  2.4G capacity.   6-12v power supply R300