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 Each ex Vat

70-70 SURVEILLANCE CAMERA Black/white high resolution unit, weatherproof casing, mounting bracket and 20 meter cable.  Night vision LED, built-in Mic with Scart and A/V connections for the TV.  220v adapter R150
71-43 COMPACT PIR SURVEILLANCE CAMERA All the features of 70-70 as a B/W camera with a 3m range PIR.  Special lens to combat false triggering.  Automatically switches the TV to the correct channel when movement is detected. (NB--TV must have Scart connection)  R175
60-28 HEAVY DUTY SURVEILLANCE CAMERA A system similar to 70-70 but with a more noticeable white metal casing R170
60-77 HEAVY DUTY SURVEILLANCE CAMERA Similar again but with a motion sensing PIR and a buzzer warning.   Black/white. R325
60-87 Ditto The same but giving a colour picture R425
60-95 Ditto A similar colour unit,  but complete with Scart and A/V connections  R195
70-35 DOME CAMERA Ceiling mounted unit with all the features of 70-70.  With 20 meters of cable, power supply and A/V leads,. Note Black/White only R150
70-43 CAMERA SWITCHER For use with the 70-70,60-28 and the 60.95.   Allow the connection of up to 4 cameras to a single TV.      Automatically switches camera images and holds them there for up to 30 sec.   Will not operate with the 60-77 PIR camera R150
70-64 EXTENSION CABLE 20 Meter (66ft) To allow for a greater distance from the camera to the monitor etc R79